Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wrapping things up...

...for a while, at least. 

Makies are fun and fantastic and full of magic and awesome, but in the last few weeks I've just not had enough time for them as well as all the other things I need or want to do. Life is throwing many challenges in our path at the moment and unfortunately the thing that's gone boiiiiiiing is the time spent with the little printed people

In short, I've decided that updating this blog is not a priority for me right now, so it's a bit daft for me to pretend that I'm keeping it going. The existing posts aren't going anywhere and (who knows?!) there might even be the odd mini-scale musing, but I'm stating here firmly and for the record that I'm not going to be making any regular updates. 

That's not to say I'm not going to be blogging at all, oh no. There are plans afoot which mesh better with day-to-day Dr Duckie activities and I'm really looking forward to getting them off the ground. 

Anyway. You guys. Stay silly, stay bonkers, stay awesome. See you soon!