Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Meet Number 8

It's been at least 20 hours of looping plugs and stitching them into the scalp. At least. I've shoved a darning needle through my finger more than once, thought I was going to run out of hair and seriously doubted my sanity.

But then I put my brave pants on and did her makeup...

Number 8
Glittery glittery glittery!
...and now I think I realise that Number 8 isn't going to be heading off anywhere too fast, because she's completely gorgeous.
Number 8
Can't quite believe what I've created. Here's a reminder of how she looked before.
Number 8
Cute, but not smouldering...
And here's the after again.

Number 8

Number 8

Now all she needs is a name... and to stop making my other customs look bad. Bah!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Spring Fashions

Finally had the chance to get the sewing machine out over the weekend... admittedly, it was 11pm before I could take a decent photo!

I picked up a nice little bundle of Tilda scraps a while ago which has got some lovely dressmaking prints in it. The fabric is designed as a quilting cotton, so is perhaps a little sturdy for clothing, but it holds a shape nicely. 

Wonder how long they can hang on to these before the Blythes nick them?!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Baldy Number 6...

Ahahaha! As of today, Baldy Number 6 is no longer Baldy... she's...

Hair's not properly stuck down yet. 
Oh, alright. Perhaps not swampy.
Swampy is kind of sticking though. 
Certainly words like verdant and mossy come to mind!
Stay tuned for better (daylight) photos once I've made certain she's going to keep her hair on!

Friday, 26 April 2013


Finally, the moment you've all sort of been waiting for honest, really, yes!
Happily, Tiny Bear was around to help me draw the winners. Given we only had two or three people to pick from, we decided to forgo the Random Number Generator and just bung some bits of paper in a hat.

Tiny Bear loves the attention, as you can tell!
So without further ado, let's find out who got lucky!

Okay. So given there was only one person interested in day 2 and 3, the book and bracelet set go to...

Yay, Scarlette!

Day 4 was the tasty-looking modelling chocolate, which goes to...
Don't forget to use the anti-bac handwipe!
And finally, the hard-fought-over Noo the Coo... I was tempted to put my own name in the hat, but you'll be pleased to hear that the lucky winner is...
Maaaarti! He's coming for you, is noo the coo!
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who commented.

If you can send your postal addresses to duckiemonsterSPLATgmail.com (where SPLAT = @), I'll get your bits and bobs off to you soon as I can... which unless the address is in my inbox by 11am Saturday morning is looking like Wednesday.

If you've been despairing of your regular doll-like content, have no fear! Tomorrow brings a sneaky peaky of what Number 6 is looking like these days... and we may even have an update on Number 8 soon!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 5!

Man, is it day 5 already? Where did the week go!? This is a hard one, this is. If I didn't want to give away the modelling chocolate, I really don't want to give this little dude away. 

He's cute. He's fuzzy... he's Noo the Blue-Nosed Coo and he's gorgeous! 

Okay, so if he stays in this house, he'll likely end up a cat toy. Take pity on Noo and save him from his Feline Fate by dropping a comment below. 

As we're posting a list of winners tomorrow, you have until 20:00 BST to post your love for Noo so's I can put you all into the RNG and pull out a victor! 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 4!

I must admit. I considered keeping this. 

Remember how your Mother told you not to play with your food? 


Magic Chocolate is mouldable, roll-able, non-melty chocolate. It comes thoughtfully packaged with an antibacterial handwipe so's you can make your masterpieces without nasty bugs on your hands.

Reckon you're the next Masterchef? Drop a comment below. Winners picked Friday!
Oh, and be sure to come back tomorrow... we've something really, really special on offer...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 3!

Oooh, you came back! 

Okay, here's the day 3 clobber from the Box of OMG: this is my 'VIP' prize for parting with 38p/week for my box (Ooooh) and it's rather a nice one. 

This WearShare friendship bracelet kit is seriously clever. Made of laminated plastic, you and a friend cut the band in the middle, then use the funky coloured string included to tie the bracelets on to one another whilst swearing eternal love and devotion. 

Cow badge included free gratis. 
Just drop a comment below if you'd like these bracelets. They'll go with anything, I reckon! Winners revealed on Friday. 

Incidentally, Wearshare look even cooler than this; they'll let you customise your own bracelets with your photos from facebook and instagram. Go visit their website and have a play!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 2

Morning all! 

Here's today's Box of OMG prize... a rather spiffy looking book!

And I've thrown in a Box of OMG priority code too!

On a quick leaf through, this seems to be a brilliant story for all those girly geeks out there, especially anyone who's ever felt under pressure to fit in. 

If you'd like to win this book for the geek in your life, drop a comment below. Easy! 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Box of OMG!

Oooh, we're suckers for parcels here at Makie Couture.

When Makie Lab announced a little collaboration with Box of OMG, we decided that we had to get in on the action. We signed up, paid our £3 for a certain chance of getting one, then forgot all about it until it actually arrived!

Here's the box.
Yup. It's a box alright. 
What's inside?

Look, Plink! Stuff! Also THINGS.
Oooh. Treasure!

All of the contents.

A whole variety of things!
Minus, of course, the Moshi and Dr Who stuff my Nephew claimed.
Let's be honest here; I'd like this box a lot more if I was a 9-11 year old girl or the mother of one! And that's where you lot come in. The stuff in here is, for the most part, of fantastic quality and needs to go to a good home.

For the next week, I'll be posting one give away per day of the OMG's contents. All you need to do to grab the goodies is drop a comment in the relevant post. To keep it fair, we'll say that it's one entry per household per day. I'm happy to post internationally. All the winners will be drawn out of a Random Number Generator  and a list posted on Friday. My only chance to get to the post office in the next two weeks will be Saturday, so winners will have to be on the ball about getting their addresses to me in a speedy manner!

Anyway. Here's the thing I want out of my house first:
That's a pack of One Direction photocards, a small pack of jelly beans and a Box of OMG priority card.
Want it in your house? Know someone who thinks 1D are the best thing ever? Drop me a comment!

Please note, I have no affiliation with Box of OMG or any of their companies. 
I just signed up because it looked pretty cool and am now sharing the love. *mwah!*

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Number 6 Needs Your HELP

Okay. So. Here's Number 6 in her costume, with her hat...

Something missing?

(But I'm rather proud of the hat. Hand-stitched!)

Okay, okay. Less hat, more Number 6. 
Not bad for a girl who arrived covered in nail varnish!
I've engaged the lovely KittyCat to root up a scalp for her, but the chocolate brown I originally planned has had to be abandoned due to patchy dye uptake. I'm still really wanting a natural fibre hairdo, but do I go for alpaca? Mohair? What colour?!

Help me, Blog peoples. You're my only hope...

Eyechips: Grey, green, blue and gold, brown and gold.
Pull strings: mid brown ribbon with brown/amber glass beads and a dark wooden skull.
Faceup: Brown eyeshadow, dusky pink lips.
Lids: Copper glitter.

(Incidentally, she's got a full set of frillies too...)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Never. Again.

One of the things about having a slightly off-the-wall hobby is that when people at work ask how you spent your weekend, you're socially obliged to avoid saying things like "oh, I spent most of it watching Black Books and listening to Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters audiobook whilst sewing hair into a doll's scalp entirely by hand".

About 8 hours of scalp rooting later...
Eight. Freaking. Hours. EIGHT. 
"Oh, I just had a bit of a lazy one, really."

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Makie Inequality

Plink has brought to my attention that as she's approximately 1/6th my size, she should get at least 1/6th of my wine.

No. We're not swapping. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Caturday Afternoon

It's a rainy old day in South Wales. I was very good this morning and went for a run, and now I'm watching Black Books on Netflix and trying to get on with my scalp rooting.

Unfortunately, Bagpuss has decided he wants to help out. This involves sitting on my lap, trying to steal my cup of tea and purring (and drooling) mightily.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Number (EEK!) 8


I can stop any time I like, you know.

But when there are little beauties like this that come to my attention...

Number 8
Hulloes Number 8!
...and when I hear they've been living in a box of shame for the last 'x' number of years...

Number 8
Pleased to meet you. What spiffing trousers!
...it'd be cruel not to rescue them, wouldn't it?

Number 8
Nice smile too. 
This is an RBL Saffy whose original owner had her first goes of lip carving on her. I've had a bit of a play already (see photo below), and I think I can get her sorted out. I'm planning on trying my first re-root on her; a combination of chocolate brown and raspberry pink. The chips are just some I was messing around with for Izzy... I'm thinking this little lady is going to get a nice rich goldy-brown pair, perhaps some ambery ones? And then a dark pink and gold and a dark gold and pink. Mmmmm. I love chip painting!

Number 8
I disassembled her within 2 hours of her arriving. Is that cruel? It feels cruel... 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What's in the box?

Oh. Look.

A Mysteriously Closed Box. Whatever Could There Be In There?

What's in the box?
Enticing, isn't it? Why don't you open it?

Ah yes. Two makies, mucking around.

As you were.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Oh now.
Stuff and THINGS
Two shades of blue felt, some white ricrac and some red wool.

*Fun, that's what. Bwahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mad Stylin' Yo

I got this wig thinking it might be a solution to number 6's lack of hair problem.  

Unfortunately, Lex has decided it suits her better and has run off with it. 

Might get one for myself...

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Fil, I have painted your thing!

Although Aspen rather wants to keep it.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Final Glimpse

Here are some of the last shots I got of Number 5 before she got boxed and dispatched to the 'joys' of the Bank Holiday postal service... happily she made it to her destination, yaay!

Number 5

Number 5

Number 5

Cheerio then, Number 5. Hope you get a name soon!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A lazy sort of day.

There's not a lot of productivity going on around here today. I've been working late shifts the last couple of days, which means getting home at 3am, and I'm on a night tonight, so today is all about the loafing.

Happily, our new furniture arrived to perfectly facilitate the art of not doing very much.

Lazy sort of day
Izzy and Tiny Bear find a sunny spot to compare travelling tales. 

Chilling in the Lab
Tea and surfing in the lab
This little set was a lucky find on evilBay. It's a bit grubby in places, so I'm thinking it could use a lick of white paint and some floral patchwork cushions... or is that a bit too twee?