What is a Makie?

A Makie is a 10", poseable action doll created via a 3D printing process; this means that each Makie can be user-designed and as unique as the creator is.

Makies are printed using robust, rigid nylon. They're currently available in a porcelain white finish which takes face-ups beautifully.

There are about 200 Makies in the wild at the moment, check out their Flickr group to see what they're getting up to.

The official MakieLab line on Makies can be found here.

You can sign up and make your own makies, don't forget to swing past the forum and say hello! We even meet up in real life from time to time; keep an eye on the forum for details of meets.

Makie Meet October 2012
Real world Makies at October's Makie Meet

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