Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lord and Lady Hedgehog

You might remember way back a while ago, I was getting excited by the prospect of,y friend's costume wedding. 

I've actually made some progress since then (gasp!) and have spend a good few hours staring at 14th century fashions with a hope of making some sense out of how they work and what I'm going to make. 

Lord Hedgehog is easy. 
Indigo linen coat, high necked, lots of fullness in the rear, pewter-coloured frog fastenings. 

My theory is he can wear whatever he likes under that and mostly fit in with the theme. I've based the pattern on the cassock pattern I purchased and we're already into preliminary muslin fittings, yay! 

My dress is still undecided. I'm not sure whether to go for the slightly more traditional: 
Chocolate brown, long sleeved underdress with tight fitted sleeves, ornamental buttons, probably back-lacing. ?Red/scarlet overdress with petal sleeves dividing at the elbow, ornamental front fastenings. 

Or for something slightly more original: 
Loosely based on one of Cersei's dresses in Game of Thrones, kimono-style wrap overdress with double wrap scarlet linen belt, red linen underskirt. 

Hmm. I've purchased 5m of a lovely drapey chocolate brown cotton satin, but it's quite a thin fabric. I think it would work much better for the kimono design than the form-fitting dress (and hoorah, that has the advantage of no lacings/hooks and eyes), but I'd have to draft that pattern up from scratch and I'm running out of time! The underskirt wouldn't be a problem. 

The slightly more authentic style dress is easier in that I've got the pattern on the way. It would look appropriate and be less brain power, but I'm planning on wearing my Victorian underwear underneath and am worried about the line of the dress looking wrong. The pattern also features a zipper and unless I'm tragically short of time, I'd like to avoid that. 

Looking at it now. I'm not even sure on the chocolate and scarlet combo! Maybe should go for a blue? Or an orange? Aaaaaargh! 

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