Friday, 16 August 2013

Meet Wingnut!

Then there were three.

She's far less sinister-looking in the flesh, honest.

She's currently named for her ears in reference to one of my favourite Terry Pratchett phrases, where he describes an imp as looking rather like a 'small malevolent wingnut'. Fans of the novels will agree that she looks a bit elvish, which is not necessarily a good thing (even if she does work down the chip shop).

The new joints are a dream. They look much tidier than the old-style hinges and add to the feeling that since the first generation of Makies, the overall quality of the product is much higher. Everything feels more polished and put together. I think (and someone from the lab correct me if I'm wrong) that the print resolution has changed too, so the body feels smoother. This is going to have a great effect on the joint durability over time. Only downside so far is that she's got rather obvious facial print lines, so I'm going to have do go a bit careful when applying any pigments. I think a gentle sanding will probably help here and I might go for an initial dye bath to even things out... but I can't decide on the colour at the moment!

Continuing plotting on what her final look is going to be.

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