Sunday, 13 October 2013

Evolution of the Sourdough

Sourdough is, I am convinced, mostly made by magic. 
You need to care for it. Feed it.  
Astonishing it's just flour, water and (most importantly) time and patience.

And alright, a bit of salt and a lot of heat at the end. 
It has been a very zen thing to create. 
It actually feels like real creation. From simple things, I have made another thing. 
And it has combined to absolute freaking yeasty perfection and I am a very smug baker. 

Sourdough starter made as per River Cottage instructions. Baked according to the method. Eaten mostly by me. Nomnomnom. 


  1. I'm def going have to give this a go! That bread looks scrumpcious!

  2. Hi Sara

    Delighted to hear you had a success with our (although we stole it from someone else) technique for the perfect sourdough loaf. Never knew the existence of the world of Makie until now.