Sunday, 6 October 2013

Things Achieved This Weekend

Aaah, a weekend of productivity! Excellent stuff, if you ask me. 

This weekend, I have: 

1) Made a good start of my medical education course. 1 task and the assignment to go for this module. 
2) Changed the beds.
3) Run my fastest 5K this year.
4) Mined the Laundry Heap and paired all the socks. 
5) Created Dilys, the Sourdough Starter... 

6) Hoovered EVERYTHING
7) Defragged the fridge
8) Made my first custard :) 
9) Made significant advances as Guardian H'minee of the Caretakers* with my mind worm army
10) Completely failed to do anything with my new fabrics
11) Nearly got to the bottom of the washing pile
12) Generally been a domestic Goddess. 

I shall count all of this as a WIN. 

* I suspect this will only make sense to a very small fraction of readers... If you are one of them, GET IN TOUCH. SMAC has to be the best turn-based-game ever made and I bloody love it. 

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