Saturday, 5 January 2013

It's a wolf suit. Naturally.

Well. It started with a bit of an odd statement on the forum...

And then there was a photo...
Photo by the lovely Fil's lovely SiL, who found the snowman on evilBay
And then there was a bit of an idea of how to do it, which means that as there's revision to be put off, so I'm looking for *any* distraction whatsoever, there had to be a proof of concept!
No fastenings, it's only a prototype... 
This little wolf suit is based on the MakieLab hoodie pattern, which is available in PDF form on the forum. The lower edge is simply extended by about 10cm to form the trouser section, and a 1cm extra width is added to the middle of the front section to facilitate the front edge opening. Construction is pretty much exactly the same, although slits are cut for the ears and tail, which are stitched in before the suit is assembled.
Look! A tail!
I'll see if I can get a pattern and a tutorial up at some point soon, but as I'm spending next week attached to the Big Red Bleep and my rather scary exam is coming up rather fast, you might have to make do with a shot of the pattern pieces and a basic set of  instructions... both of which I'll post tomorrow :)

Go on, Melchie. Get the instructions written... 

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