Friday, 4 January 2013

Another Giveaway? Woo!

So it turns out that Plink is not a fan of her tartan dress wot is made with lovely fabric that the Fil sent me, and she's decided that another Makie is deserving of it.

You don't get the frying pan... 
This dress is hand-sewn from a beautifully soft fabric that was an unexpected present from the Fil. It fastens at the back with two snaps and has crochet lace around the neck and hem, and three tiny buttons. 

As it's hand sewn, this garment will not stand up to rough handling or children. 

To be in with a chance of winning the dress, leave a comment on this post by noon GMT on Monday the 14th of January. I'll pick the winner once I've woken up from my snooze post night shift! 

Good luck! :) 


  1. Can you put me down, my username is Vickiilocky913?

  2. Aww I think Plink looks lovely in the dress and you've done a lovely job :)
    Millie and Cosma would like to put their names in for the Drawing - THANKS!!
    I bet a cute little sporran would look nice with it too :)

  3. Aw poor Plink. She really doesn't like tartan eh. Did she get you with the frying pan in the end? ><

  4. Aww - and she looks so good in it, too! Elfin Am does not wear dresses, but Hildegard (a Hujoo of fairly similar size) says she would like to put her name in the hat, please.