Thursday, 31 January 2013

Elin Modification Step 1

Customising a Blythe is something that I have done before; the result is Plum. However things get a bit tricksy when you go back in the annals of Takara to something called the 'Superior Blythe' faceplates.

The mega difference between SBLs and the newer Blythes is that they only have two screws in the back of their heads and (more irritatingly) a glued-in head dome, with a scalp glued on top of that. This means they're a bit of a mare to get apart... no, seriously. One of my go-to websites mentioned SAWING. 

With this prospect waving at me when thoughts of customising Elin reared their head, I was understandably reluctant to give it a go. But she and I really weren't getting on, especially after I tried to sell her and failed miserably. 

I turned to Blythe Kingdom for advice. Although an appreciable amount of forumers suggested I send her off to the Bay of Evil, the majority thought she'd be salvageable with a bit of custom work. Most thought I should pay someone else to do it. But I'm afraid after spending £90 on a doll I don't really like, I'm not keen on spending another "fill in the box here" to end up with a doll I still don't like. 

So up went the sleeves, out came the tools and on with it we got. 

First step: screw removal. So far, so simple. 

We got 4 pairs of new chippies too! 
The disassembly stage thankfully isn't pictured. This involved a very sharp craft knife, side-swiping my thumb and managing to cut some of the scalp flanges off. Not a mega disaster, the edge of the scalp is still pretty clean and the thumb wound isn't deep, but still. We'd have liked a perfect result. 

Blood not pictured.
Getting the eye mech out was more tricksy than on Plum. Part of me wonders if this is because the plastic in a real Blythe is higher quality than the factory. 

Plum wants to be a) Blonde b) Nudist
Finally, we were in bits and ready to start stage two!

Eye see you!

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