Thursday, 23 May 2013

Er... whoops...


You know how people have these dolls that they really, really want, and they call them 'grail girls'.


Mine just happened to be the glorious Tailor Gibson. From the days of releases with a whole bucket of stock, these girls don't come up very often in one piece unless they're way into the 'naughty' bracket of my price range.

But I must have been very, very good recently. Because this little beauty just happened to be made available at the right time and the right price!

She came with every little last bit of stock! Even the thread reels!
(By 'right', I mean 'only marginally into my naughty price range.)

Say 'hello to Madame Sylvie, everyone! ...actually, better make that 'bonjour'. I don't think she speaks much English.

If you want to see how much Takara standards have dropped, just take a look at her bloomers.
... Oh dear. I'm getting a LOOK. 

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