Sunday, 26 May 2013


Dudes, I'll interrupt your regularly scheduled Makie Mischief to announce that I've been invited to the best wedding ever! 

One of my oldest friends is getting married in September which is in itself epically cool. But the coolest thing yet is that she's having a sort of 'pick your own historical costume including LARP and Steampunk and oh, there are PENALTIES for not dressing up' theme for the wedding which means, oh yes, I GET TO DRESS UP. 

I'm plotting already. 
I could rock the Steampunk look? 
Perhaps a bit Victorian?

Or... well. There's not contest really, is there? There's a certain lady who's been completely rocking the cosplay scene this last couple of years, and I reckon she's my greatest fashion inspiration at the moment... 


I know. I KNOW. Short, rather plump things like me shouldn't even bother trying to out lion the lioness, but I've got a corset, a few months to think about it and some plans involving hedgehogs... oh, and dressing the long-suffering boyfriend up as Littlefinger. Har. 

This space, you should watch it. 


  1. ShortNCuddlyAm27 May 2013 at 21:25

    I think platforms will help with the height thing more than hedgehogs, but suspect you'll look fab in whatever style you choose

    (PS - I can't comment in Firefox - it just keeps blanking the box :-S (my eyes have gone sort of S shape too in trying to work out why))

    1. ShortNCuddlyAm27 May 2013 at 23:14

      OK - worked it out - please ignore unrelated burbling!