Friday, 10 May 2013


HOORAY and HOORAH, we're having another competition!

This time it's all about the speech bubble!

So, what message is Melchie giving to the world? 
(And what is Batson the Beastlie thinking? ... no. Wait. Scrap that. He's not a Beastlie of many Brains.)

Drop a comment with your entry by 15:00 on Monday the 20th of May. I'll choose my favourite and announce a winner that evening who will be the (lucky?) recipient of one of my famous parcels containing STUFF and THINGS. 

If you're new around here, let me know if you're a Makie owner or a Blythe owner, so said stuff can be tailored to your doll's preferences. 

Happy thinking, everyone!


  1. ShortNCuddlyAm10 May 2013 at 21:53

    Sign says "Plinkie, where's yer trousers?"

    Thanks for the compo :)

    (Makie owner)

  2. ShortNCuddlyAm10 May 2013 at 21:54

    (Sorry, last comment was supposed to be troosers, not trousers. D'oh.)

  3. "Cause I'mm freee... Freeee Bawlinnnnn'"
    (Makie Owner!)

  4. 'Welcome to Makie Couture!'

    Makie owner

  5. Plink: (singing really badly off key) "Ave Maria..."

    Melchie in the background looking pained holds up speech bubble to silently voice her opinion "HELP ME!"

    (Soon to be Makie owner)

  6. "To be at one with the squid, we must cast off our clothes!"


  7. Batson is probably thinking something like aasdfghjkl from the expression on his face! :)

    1. After careful consideration, I'm not sure this little dude thinks at all!
      He is, however, accumulating a wonderful collection of dust bunnies.

  8. Melchie's message: Plink, moooooove! she wants to take picture of me not you!
    Chicken no1: let me out!
    Chicken no2: no, let me out!
    Chicken no3: Batsoooooon!
    Batson message to the world: chickens.... whoooo's gonna save my chickens.... they closed them in a drawer... chickens..... save my chickens.... please...


  9. The sign says: Pliiink, It would be great if you moved.... And had trousers on...
    (Makie Doll Owner - Vickiilocky913)

  10. The sign should say: "say hello to me and....half naked Plink?"

    (soon to be makie owner)

  11. "Plink the nudist strikes again!!!!!!"

  12. pippopippo123 / Keisha The Makie12 May 2013 at 13:45

    This is what the sign really says: "You won! Awesome!!"

    (Makie Owner)

  13. Sign reads (possibly in small letters):

    For Adoption.
    One Batson.
    Eats trousers.
    Possibly suffering from mild perversions.
    Would suit exhibitionist.

  14. Plink - My name is Plink and I'm here to rescue you!

    Melchie- -Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

    Batson the Beastlie - auurrrrrrrurrrr

    Sign - says - Star Wars Rescue Re-enactment condensed to 5 seconds.

  15. We MakieLab folks shouldn't enter these things, so I'm not. I'm just here to shout NO PANTS!!! XD