Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A bit of a bloggiday.

We've had a frantic time of it here recently with both of us having new jobs, taking various postgraduate courses, trying not to murder the neighbours, looking after demanding catdudes etc. and just as I was about to start to relax about the sewing for this wedding wot we is going to and take a big breath, my Dad got admitted to hospital rather unwell (and the disadvantage of being in my RealJob as Dr Duckie is that you know what all those big and scary-sounding words actually mean) last weekend. He's alright for a given value of alright, lots of tests on the go and a bit of improvement today, but it's still not ranking as one of the all-time best 48 hours ever!

So not a lot of time for Makies! Plink, Melchie and Wingnut are behaving themselves impeccably and looking after the Beastlies. We'll all be back on the blog as soon as this latest hair-tearing experience is over and I'm not having to spend weekends diving back and forwards to Wiltshire. In the meantime, feel free to make with the kitten photos to cheer us all up! 

Here's a cat photo for inspiration. 

We'll call it an indeterminate length bloggiday at the moment. I honestly don't know when I'll be back providing regular content for you all, but the focus has definitely shifted in the last few days and something had to go, albeit temporarily. 

Keep smiling, stay happy and give your family members the biggest hugs you can manage! 


  1. Here's hoping things pick up for you (well, and your Dad, obviously) soon.

    Blog = not at all important in the overall scheme of things.

  2. Sending lots of happy thoughts and well wishes your way! xxxx