Sunday, 22 September 2013


It's come and gone, and despite trials and tribulations, Lord and Lady Hedgehog were fully costumed and had a terrific time. Haven't found any photos specifically of us just yet, nor have I extracted my own shots from my camera, but here's one nicked from the book of face of the happy couple. 

Of course, I now have to clear the decks and tidy up the various bits of sewing detritus that have spread themselves most unaccountably all over the house.

The complicating factor is, as is natural for me, as soon as I clean down one project I can't help but start thinking of the next. Just so happens this year's Hogswatch is going to rather neatly fishtail with the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, I think it's safe to suggest that I might have a cunning plan... 

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