Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fabric shopping online

Aaah, Sunday morning. Pyjamas, cup of tea and, naughtily, online fabric browsing time.

I purchase most of my fabrics online as my local choices are limited to Hobbycraft (dull) and John Lewis (overpriced and rubbish selection). Okay, there are a couple of independent shops in Cardiff, but they're away from the main shopping centres and rarely seem to have what I'm looking for.

People always seem surprised that I don't feel the need to fondle every fabric prior to purchase. My argument on this is that if you're reasonably aware what you're after and don't mind the odd surprise, then you might as well go for it. A good online shop will offer free samples if you're absolutely set on stroking (and often this scrap might be big enough for a Makie Make).

First up; Croft Mill. I bloody love this shop. A wide variety of fabrics of every kind, generally with a quirky name and description. Will send you up to 5 free samples: I normally add these to my existing order (visiting here is terrible for my bank balance) of loveliness. Their new Italian collection has some gorgeous lightweight lawns, two of which are on my shelf just waiting to be sewn up.

Yes... I own the shuttlecocks. Nom!
Next on the list has got to be the superb Ditto Fabrics. Based in Bristol, this shop has a great selection of quirky prints and sensible basics. Annoyingly, they look to have sold out of their elephant print. Boo!

Birds of Paradise cotton, available from Ditto Fabrics
Moving on to an eeevilBay seller this time, Favourite Fabrics. Although they've moved more towards the quilting market recently, this is still my go-to for simple cottons and basics at reasonable prices. Good news for Makie fashionistas is that they now offer a wide range of fabrics in fat quarters; more than enough for a miniature outfit.

Small-print floral available from Favourite Fabrics; perfect for Makie Couture
How's the bank balance doing?

We'll finish off then; this one is a bit of a mixed bag. Minerva Crafts and Fabrics appear to have recently moved off of eeeevilBay to a highly respectable online shop front. Inside it looks like nothing's changed and the site feels a bit like a jumble sale! Don't let that put you off though there are lots of listings for decent length end-of-rolls and remnants; I get a lot of outerwear weight fabric from here; trousers, skirts and wools for cloaks and coats, and I rarely pay more than a tenner for a couple of metres. Definitely one to browse with a cup of tea, but terrible for impulse buying.

Oooh. Tiger print cotton? £4.99/m? That's practically a neutral, yes? 
There you have it. That's where I tend to dispose of my dwindling disposable income. There are a couple of places that I've recently found and not really tried; Abakhan seems popular with you Northeners, and it looks like The Remnant House might be one to keep an eye on... especially if they keep stocking stuff like this bit of silky gorgeousness... I don't need it, right?

Leafy cotton lawn, £5.99/m. Mmmmm.... do not need? 

What are your favourite places to buy fabric online?


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  2. OK, we will try this again. I typed up a WHOLE essay on places to visit and when I went to post, it looked like there were TWO posts so I thought, that's daft and deleted one, only it deleted everything!!

    OOOH don't get me started!

    Favourite online Fabric places.... - Celtic Fusions -One of my favourite online places- lots of quirky fabrics and if you sign up to their mailing list they send you offers throughout the year. - Fabric Tales - They are based in Japan but have the most beautiful items for offer. Great source of chiramin and ribbon for kanzashi. - Fancy Moon- I found this shop on eBay when I was looking for something- Lovely range of beautiful fabrics- lots of imports from here in the UK - Frumble Fabrics- Again I found this shop while looking on eBay. They have your tiny elephan fabric!!! - Leons Fabrics - The monther of all fabric shops here in Manchester. You walk in there and you are in fabric heaven. It's the size of a warehouse which carries fabrics priceds from 99p thur to £199!!! - Of course Abakhan. I am signed up to their newsletter and they often have sales so I can pop into Manchester and go when I like. It's a 10 min train ride to Piccadilly from my house and then 15 min walk to the shop.

    Like you- I don't bother with Hobbycraft. EVERYTIME I go there to buy something they just never have it in stock! Waaaay too expensive too.

    There is a John Lewis store here as well, They used to have such a lovely fabric section and now it's been cut down by 75% and replaced with kits catered to the masses. I miss their fabric scrap bin- it used to be overflowing with great fabrics at reduced prices.

    We also have some factory outlet stores in New Mills, not a huge selection but great for finding factory fabric offcuts cheep!

    There is also the Pound a Yard Fabric shop in Edgley- It doesn't look much from the outside but there are a few good deals here to be found. They also get a lot of expensive furnishing fabric and sell super cheap!

    So there you go- Lots to spend you £££ on.

    Of course, if Duckie and Plink would like a tour of the Manchester fabric shops (and perhaps a trip to Abakhan in Mostyn Wales - Only just over an hours drive from me) They are most welcome to come and stay :-)