Sunday, 26 August 2012

On the subject of face-ups.

In vanishing rapidly down the portal known as 'doll collecting' (which is, incidentally, not something I intend on doing. A couple of Makies is plenty!), I've noticed that as is always the case with something creative, the owners of the items just can't keep their hands off of 'em.

I have to say, I'm absolutely in awe of some of the work out there. A quick shuffle through the 'Blythe custom' group on Flickr and you can find examples of superb work from around the world.

There are eyelids with dainty paintings, piercings galore, a whole host of vampires and these gorgeous calavera designs.

m calavera 008
M Calavera, by Kittytoes with kind permission.
Click the photo to check out her flickr, it's epic!
Of course, we can't leave Makie too far behind, so I was completely delighted to find that the community has attracted a supremely talented artist on board, Sioux.

Mushroom, Sioux's Makie, helping out with the design process.
Apparently this isn't her best work and just a trial run, but look how delicately this enhances the features. The brush work around the eyes is astonishing.

The eyes! The lashes! The lips! THE HAT!

From Makie to MAGIC
Sioux, you can come and do your 'not best work' for me any day of the week!

All photos in this post by Sioux, reproduced with permission. Go to her flickr and tell her how awesome she is. 

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