Sunday, 12 August 2012


"Ah, August! When the weather turns from cloudy, grey and miserable to... hrum. Well. Cloudy, grey and miserable, but with added muggy hotsweatyness at nights. Blech.

Definitely time to get away from it all, so I've packed up most of the lab (the Giant Squid can be trusted to feed the sharks) and decided to head out into the country for a couple of days.

Happily, us Makies don't have to make do with a muddy field and khaki-coloured Eurohikes. No no. We go Glamping, Shabby-chic style!
Scenic surroundings, naturally. 
This fabulous tent comes with full mod-cons.
Coffee! What more could a Makie need?
Delightful vintage linens...
Squidgy bedroll, mmmmm...
And most importantly, complementary champagne!
Perfectly chilled, hoorah!
Cheers! Have a superb summer!"

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