Friday, 1 February 2013

Elin Modification Step 2

Once our happy heroine was in bits, it was time to start the sanding...

Just sanded off the existing make-up here, nothing else done. 
And the carving...

SHOCKING philtrum of doom. Required mega sanding. 
And then more sanding. And more carving. And more sanding... repeat ad nauseam for about 24 hours!

Once we were sanded and carved, we started applying the faceup...
I use real make-up for the lips and blush; find the colours are better.
Eye-makeup is blended black and grey chalk pastel, with layers of MSC UV Cut.

...and sticking in some new chips!

So far, so good.
Here you can see the finished carving and the chips.
I love painting chips!!
Next time, we'll be reassembling, woo!

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