Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Caption Competition

Competition now closed, thank you!
Winners will be announced at 20:00 on 03/03/13... ooooooooooooooh!

Okay, okay... so no videos today. But d'you want to win... a THING*?

Then all you need to do is drop a comment with a caption for this photo! It can be a conversation between the two girls, a random statement, whatever you like.

Plum is on the left. Elin is on the right. 

Best caption will be chosen by myself and the lovely Fiiiiil this Saturday evening (2nd of March), possibly with the aid of Plink, Melchie and any other Makies who are wandering in the general area. Entries need to be posted on the BLOG by 20:00 GMT so's we can have a good read and decide.

Get creative!

*the THING will likely be something for your doll, either an item of clothing or a fun accessory. Please state in the comments if you're a Makie or a Blythe collector, so's I can choose/make your thing... and of course, leave a bit of time for me to get the thing made and posted!


  1. Elin: Why didn't you tell me you used my credit card to buy new shoes?
    Plum: Urm...
    *Awkward silence ensues*

    --I'm a makie collector--

  2. "Plum... uh... those glasses are BIGGER than your FACE."
    "Yeah, well, at least I'm not walking around with dog fur on my head"

    -I'm a Blyther!-

  3. Elin: My, my - what big EYES you have!

    Plum: All the better to see you with, my dear...
    Oh, and my, my - what big HAIR you have!

    (From feebee42 - I'm a Blyther!)

  4. Elin observed her friend with a sideways glance, "Dude... you look like an owl."
    "Not yet I don't." retorted Plum. "Just wait till the costume arrives."

    (Secretly hoping I've inspired you to make dinky owl costume.)

    Owner of one poorly neglected Makie. I forbid you to get me into Blythe's too.


  5. *Thinking in their heads*

    Elin: Should i tell her there is a strange giant butterfly landed on her face..?

    Plum: Heh, i bet she is so jealous that i look so cool now with my new sunglasses~

  6. Elin: *stage whisper* Pssst, the human has gone to work. Let's tie the makies up and tickle them again.

    Plum: !

  7. "I'm starving, do you think they serve re-ment here?"

    From Sara ~ I am a Blythe collector :-)

  8. Elin:: "Eh, err, whadidyousay?"

    Plum:: "I said, "In 26 spacetime dimensions, these extra unphysical states wind up disappearing from the spectrum. Therefore. Bosonic string quantum mechanics is only consistent if the dimension of spacetime is 26."

    Elin *rolling eyes*:: "Oh, right, then."

  9. Elin: What do you mean they've only been calling you Four Eyes for 3 days?
    Plum: Well, from what I've heard, they've been making fun of you for 2 wigs!

    (just for fun) :)

  10. Plum singing:: "B B B B Benny and the Jets".....

    ;) haha, couldn't resist....

  11. Elin: "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pockeettttt.."

    Plum: "Just because we went thrifting doesn't mean its acceptable to sing that."

    *I'm a Blyther ;)*

  12. From Scarlette12 (Makie Collector) :

    Plum:What the heck is going on over there(looking left)
    Elin: Sorry, What? I was too busy staring at your humungous specsies
    Elin: Did I just say that out loud?…
    (Plum slowly nods)(AWKWARD SILENCE CONTINUES)
    Plum: I always thought some things were meant to remain unspoken, but if everything's coming out now, then whats with the dead dog on your head

  13. Elin: Did you understand that?
    Plum: I have No idea. Just act interested. (A brand new Blythe blog)