Friday, 15 February 2013

I'm a film star!

Some people on the Makie forum said a video of the customisation process would be useful... so here y'go!

This is just disassembly, we'll go through chip swapping, sanding and carving and anything else people would find useful... drop a comment if you want to see it.


  1. Comment dropped! Carving, chip painting, hair styling, pattern sewing, wine drinking, tentacled makie wrangling..... <3 YouTube how-to's! (especially when they're so concise and clear! (I'm rubbish at that! >< ). Awesome vid x

  2. Thanks Sioux (although what *were* you doing looking at this rubbish at 3:30am?!).
    I was thinking eyes and lashes in the next one, then sanding/carving after that?
    Chip-painting is a bit trickier, the chips won't come across too well on the video as they're so small. Perhaps I can one-to-one you on that one some time!