Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's far too hot... be doing things like blogging, sewing, customising or for that matter, photographing much. I hope you'll forgive me whilst Makie Couture has a bit of a holiday to appreciate the (un)seasonal UK weather. The long-suffering Boyfriend and I have also been trying out a bit of archery, which is great fun and just the thing for getting outdoors in the sunshine. Hooray for boosting vitamin D stores!

The girls are having a fine time of it, without me, no worries there. Plink and Melchie have been practicing their high-diving off of the fence into the birdbath (much to the disgust of the newly fledged baby birds), Elin, Plum and Esme are working with Madame Sylvie on the autumn/winter fashion house collection and Aspen is getting better acquainted with Batson the Beastlie... whether she likes it or not.

Lex seems to take a similar approach to the sunshine as I do... A nice spot in the garden, close enough to the house to get on the wifi, wearing a selection of clothing designed to a) tan the bits that need a tanning b) scare the neighbours.

Long may it last!

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