Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Afternoon Diversion (and a competition, YAAY!)

This weekend, it is mostly raining. The problem when it rains is that everyone gets a) 'bored' which swiftly proceeds to b) an excess of mischief.

Today has been no exception. I'd just settled myself into a bit of 'kill or cure' on Leggy (more of that later) after a fairly strenuous run, when a chorus of 'we're bored', 'do something with us' and 'Yarr harr! Have at you! Walk the plank!' arose from the bookcase.

After taking the cutlass off of Melchett and giving it back to the Playmobil pirate, I suggested that everyone find something non-lethal and preferably QUIET to do.

"What sort of thing?", asked Aspen, a little poutily.
I sighed. "I don't know. You lot are a talented bunch, you'll think of something!" I wrestled with the knot Captain Melchett had tied in my favourite lace hanky, currently masquerading as a ghost pirate bandanna.

Next thing I know, everyone's off if a huddle and there are requests for spotlights, curtains, Simon Cowell(?!) and after a noisy disagreement, Elin appears with a sign.

Ah. Okay. This isn't going to be quiet is it?

After about 5 minutes, Leggy appeared. The German Eurovision entry came pounding out of my iPad (I've honestly no idea what that's doing on there...) and she was either in terribly pain or throwing some street dancing shapes...

I'm not entirely sure that the judges were impressed.

Next up was Plink, who demonstrated a new chemistry experiment. Happily nothing exploded.

Aspen tried to galvanise Batson into doing some tricks... wasn't very effective.

Melchie had been rummaging through some boxes off to one side and now she boldly marched onto the stage.

"Nothing up my sleeves!"

And with a flourish of her hand...

...she pulled two bunny slippers out of a hat.
I was rather impressed and after conferring with Plum and Esme, decided she had to be the winner.

THEN, you lucky folks, we decided that we want to see your talents! 

Here's how it works:

  • Between now and 18:00 BST on June the 30th, take a photo or two of your doll, be it Makie, Blythe or WHATEVER, exhibiting their very best talent. 
  • Once you're happy with it, email me either the photos (maximum of 3 images, please do consider my inbox size when you send...) or a link to the pictures with a short description of what they're up to. 
  • Be sure to include your subject's name and your name in the email. I'll feature all the photos on the blog over the coming days. 

On June the 30th, I'll pick my favourite 5 photos and put them in a post... then we'll go really reality TV and put it to a public vote over the next 24 hours. The winner will get (in the finest tradition of Makie Couture) some STUFF and THINGS! 

By emailing the photos, you give me the permission to reproduce them on this blog. The photos remain the property of the photographer and you can ask for 'em to be taken down at any time. Photos should be taken 'specially for this competition and not recycled from other things. My decision as to what goes into the top 5 is final. Ta. 

So whether you've got a Makie into cat jousting, a Blythe who can do the hula, a Barbie who's a dab hand at competitive knitting or a Pullip with a penchant for polo, get them to it, get a photo and send an entry! Awesome!


  1. Plink has a chemistry set the right size! Doing the wide eyed woot look right now.

    Looking forward to seeing the entries :)

    I have a fairy moosetaur looking at me atm saying she should enter. As the only "talent" she has revealed so far is being silly in non-defined ways, I'm not so sure...

    1. (It's ShortNCuddlyAm from Makie forum btw - forgot to not use my Google ID :rolleyes:)

    2. A fairy moosetaur.8/ (One of these wee beasties -, without wig, faceup or body blushing)

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