Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wholly Together!

Yep, after three days of arguments, swapping bits in and out, brute force, naughty words, filing, glueing, drilling and improvising, Number 11 (aka 'Leggy') is finally in one bit!

(Okay, okay, so we're minus a couple of screws)

This lovely lady was assembled from a mishmash of spare parts, not all of which were designed to go together. I've no idea where the mech came from, or what they used to hold the chips in, but after an hour of glue-chip attempts, I had to resort to drilling the little blighters out.
Sea green chips... very pleased with these. 
Once the new chips were in, the mech decided to pack in on me. I had to swap out the arc in the end, which has 90% fixed the problem, but a bit of the eyeball itself is worn and not all the changes are entirely reliable.
Mmmm, pinky-gold and GLOWING. 
The Obitsu body was the choice of the lovely Fil. It gets +8 points for pose-ability, -5 for having a bloody horrible neck wobble without the aid of elastic bands and a further -5 because the body is too floppy to hold up the weight of its head. That said, I have seen some gorgeous photos from these, so we'll give it a +2 for potential and call it an outright 0 score. Wouldn't use one myself, but I'm not going to stop anyone from buying one if they really, really want to. I'm going to have to have a play with a Neemo to compare.

Hey hey, Leggy.
Still. She's not looking too bad for all the problems we've gone through and I hope the Fil is pleased with her. I also hope I've not landed her with the name 'Leggy' forever after...


  1. OOOH MARVELOUS!!! - You have turned a BAG-O-BITS into a sensational doll! GROAN.
    Let me know how the Nemo gets on and may have to do a body swap at sometime! Off to bed to try and sleep off this lurgy!

  2. Ooh I love the neemo bodies on Blythes (except when I am given lovely Blythey shoes - and find that the feet are too big) but even though both of mine are 2nd hand, it seems that the whole Azone doll is slightly better quality than the spare body 'part'. It has loosened a bit with play, and I still needed a band for the neck. But on the whole, there's so much more life, and the extra hand pose options are plain cute!
    PS. I love the custom face you've done for leggy! She's adorable!