Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A brief update on 5 and 6...

I know. I know. I was going to video doing the carving on 5.

But then I got ill and I put on Fargo and I... well. Accidentally just did all of it. Sorry.

Number 5
Hey hey 5. 
Besides, you should be happy I didn't video it, because then you didn't have to bear witness to me cutting the t-bar far too short and saying lots of naughty words. 

Numbers 5 and 6
5 eyes up 6.
5's hair is currently drying in the bathroom in an attempt to get the kinks out of her fringe. 6 is looking just about where I want her to be now. I'm going to start working on her outfit this week, I hope. Neither of them are planning on staying with me for long; I know where 5 is going already, not so sure about 6. She might just see where the airship takes her...

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