Monday, 25 March 2013

Meet Izzy

Remember this?
O hai!
We let her out of her prison today, given that there was a bit of time available for playing around with. Unfortunately the baking soda didn't prove equal to removing all of the pong (there was barely a discernible difference, if I'm honest) so she joined me in the bath for a good soak and a hairwash.

Then we had a coffee and a bit of  a chill whilst our hair dried. Turns out she's an Isobel, but that's Izzy to you and me.

Number 7
Hulloes Izzy. 
To be honest, she's not in the best condition. Still a bit smelly, even after quarantine and a bath, one ankle is twisted strangely, she's got lots of dinks to her face and make-up and staining to her body and there were a set of blue glittery chips that were stuck in with something that most definitely WAS NOT tacky glue. I got 'em out, but I'm going to have a lot of cleaning up to do before I can put some new chips in that socket.

Still, I think this is no bad thing. It certainly makes me more likely to consider subjecting her to some customisation. A bit of me still thinks taking apart perfectly good dolls to potentially ruin when they cost £bonkers is a bad thing, so a few imperfections gives me the excuse that I'm improving things... or attempting to, in any case.

For the moment though, she'll stay nice and stock. Except for her lashes, which didn't survive the bath and have already been replaced. Yay!


  1. try lightly spraying and wiping her with a bit of fabreeze. That seemed to help the smell on my girl. Mine wasn't as bad as yours re stains, but when I asked the seller what she was as I thought her fringe had been cut I have had nothing but silence in response.

    1. Yeah, the seller completely failed to respond to my suggestion that they might like to own up to being a stinky smoker in their listings. As cheap as she was, I wouldn't have bid on an item like this from a smoking home as I know what a pain they are to de-ponginate!

  2. HA! I've let to leave feedback MU HAHAHA
    I think you have to give it a couple of weeks in the bicarb chamber, I know people do that with fashion dolls.
    They usually but it in a plastic container with an airtight lid.