Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 3!

Oooh, you came back! 

Okay, here's the day 3 clobber from the Box of OMG: this is my 'VIP' prize for parting with 38p/week for my box (Ooooh) and it's rather a nice one. 

This WearShare friendship bracelet kit is seriously clever. Made of laminated plastic, you and a friend cut the band in the middle, then use the funky coloured string included to tie the bracelets on to one another whilst swearing eternal love and devotion. 

Cow badge included free gratis. 
Just drop a comment below if you'd like these bracelets. They'll go with anything, I reckon! Winners revealed on Friday. 

Incidentally, Wearshare look even cooler than this; they'll let you customise your own bracelets with your photos from facebook and instagram. Go visit their website and have a play!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, its Scarlette12 again. I reckon Isk'd like some jewellery, and the badge! Thanks, and btw, I love the hat, which you designed for the bald blythe(sorry, I can't remember your name) :) Thanks!