Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Number (EEK!) 8


I can stop any time I like, you know.

But when there are little beauties like this that come to my attention...

Number 8
Hulloes Number 8!
...and when I hear they've been living in a box of shame for the last 'x' number of years...

Number 8
Pleased to meet you. What spiffing trousers!'d be cruel not to rescue them, wouldn't it?

Number 8
Nice smile too. 
This is an RBL Saffy whose original owner had her first goes of lip carving on her. I've had a bit of a play already (see photo below), and I think I can get her sorted out. I'm planning on trying my first re-root on her; a combination of chocolate brown and raspberry pink. The chips are just some I was messing around with for Izzy... I'm thinking this little lady is going to get a nice rich goldy-brown pair, perhaps some ambery ones? And then a dark pink and gold and a dark gold and pink. Mmmmm. I love chip painting!

Number 8
I disassembled her within 2 hours of her arriving. Is that cruel? It feels cruel... 

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