Sunday, 21 April 2013

Box of OMG!

Oooh, we're suckers for parcels here at Makie Couture.

When Makie Lab announced a little collaboration with Box of OMG, we decided that we had to get in on the action. We signed up, paid our £3 for a certain chance of getting one, then forgot all about it until it actually arrived!

Here's the box.
Yup. It's a box alright. 
What's inside?

Look, Plink! Stuff! Also THINGS.
Oooh. Treasure!

All of the contents.

A whole variety of things!
Minus, of course, the Moshi and Dr Who stuff my Nephew claimed.
Let's be honest here; I'd like this box a lot more if I was a 9-11 year old girl or the mother of one! And that's where you lot come in. The stuff in here is, for the most part, of fantastic quality and needs to go to a good home.

For the next week, I'll be posting one give away per day of the OMG's contents. All you need to do to grab the goodies is drop a comment in the relevant post. To keep it fair, we'll say that it's one entry per household per day. I'm happy to post internationally. All the winners will be drawn out of a Random Number Generator  and a list posted on Friday. My only chance to get to the post office in the next two weeks will be Saturday, so winners will have to be on the ball about getting their addresses to me in a speedy manner!

Anyway. Here's the thing I want out of my house first:
That's a pack of One Direction photocards, a small pack of jelly beans and a Box of OMG priority card.
Want it in your house? Know someone who thinks 1D are the best thing ever? Drop me a comment!

Please note, I have no affiliation with Box of OMG or any of their companies. 
I just signed up because it looked pretty cool and am now sharing the love. *mwah!*

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