Thursday, 25 April 2013

Box of OMG! Day 5!

Man, is it day 5 already? Where did the week go!? This is a hard one, this is. If I didn't want to give away the modelling chocolate, I really don't want to give this little dude away. 

He's cute. He's fuzzy... he's Noo the Blue-Nosed Coo and he's gorgeous! 

Okay, so if he stays in this house, he'll likely end up a cat toy. Take pity on Noo and save him from his Feline Fate by dropping a comment below. 

As we're posting a list of winners tomorrow, you have until 20:00 BST to post your love for Noo so's I can put you all into the RNG and pull out a victor! 


  1. I love him! Please can I have this blue nose :)

  2. He is so cute and lovely! Me please :D


  3. Aww cute! I can give him a loving home in a smoke and pet free environment. Please enter me in the draw ^_^


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  5. Cool girl/Polly: given you appear to be the same person (or at the very least, one of you completely ripped the "Spring Trousers" blog post off of the other), forgive me if I enter you once in the draw.

    Cheers, Duckie x