Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Number 6 Needs Your HELP

Okay. So. Here's Number 6 in her costume, with her hat...

Something missing?

(But I'm rather proud of the hat. Hand-stitched!)

Okay, okay. Less hat, more Number 6. 
Not bad for a girl who arrived covered in nail varnish!
I've engaged the lovely KittyCat to root up a scalp for her, but the chocolate brown I originally planned has had to be abandoned due to patchy dye uptake. I'm still really wanting a natural fibre hairdo, but do I go for alpaca? Mohair? What colour?!

Help me, Blog peoples. You're my only hope...

Eyechips: Grey, green, blue and gold, brown and gold.
Pull strings: mid brown ribbon with brown/amber glass beads and a dark wooden skull.
Faceup: Brown eyeshadow, dusky pink lips.
Lids: Copper glitter.

(Incidentally, she's got a full set of frillies too...)


  1. Maybey a dark golden blond color?

  2. Wow @ Kittycat on a 3 day turnaround!?! Does she work too? But then I'm not surprised she states pre-prepared, customer supplied alpaca/mohair! I can't imagine 3 days would be enough to do the prep too. I wish I'd timed myself doing Birdy's scalp. She seems like very good value though, from what I've seen.

  3. Weeeel, we've been negotiating on this one since Feb: had a few troubles with the original fibre choices. She's got the fleece dyed up today, reckons she'll be done tomorrow ish!