Thursday, 26 July 2012

Plinkography: Wildlife Photographer

Hullo and welcome to our second session of Plinkography!
Intrepid Plinkographer

This week, my camera and I took a trip to a local wildlife reserve. Apparently it's got lots of rare stuff, but there were so many children running around and yelling their heads off, it had all fled to the hills. Huh.

Here are my favourite shots. You'll note that I don't count humans as wildlife. 

This is a damselfly. 
Magor Marsh
Blue. Flappy. 

This is a pink flower. It's pretty. 
Magor Marsh
Pink, non-flappy.

This is a butterfly. It's a brown one. 
Magor Marsh
Brown, flappy.

This is a duck. Ducks are ace. 
Magor Marsh
Brown, flappy. Wait... it's a butterfly too? 
More Plinkography soon!

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