Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Project Runway, Makie Edition

Tim Gunn has nothing on us!

Today's challenge: recreate and reinterpret this faaaabulous vintage look, as modelled by Millie the Minx

Millie, rocking a handbag, beret and gorgeous stripy dress. 
Dr Duckie, designing for her model Plink, decided to keep the simple directional lines provided by the striped fabric, utilising a scrap of Paul Smith shirting fabric she's had floating around for ages. For a more modern look, she's updated the skirt, reducing volume. Lengthening to floor level gives this the option to be worn as a sunny-day maxi or an elegant evening look.
Project Runway, Makie-style
Plink, modelling Dr Duckie's creation.
Dr Duckie adds contrast stitching for interest instead of the slightly more whimsical rick-rack of the original.
Project Runway, Makie-style
Topstitching? Isn't that how you broke your machine last time?

And in the finest traditions of Project Runway, the model has been sewn into her dress!
Project Runway, Makie-style
Yes, the back could be tidier.
Am I through to next week, or is Heidi going to be sending me home?


  1. BRAVO !!!! Clapping hands furiously!!!

  2. *bows*
    Wouldn't have sewn her into it, but I couldn't find where the BOWTIE kittens snaps went after I rearranged my study!