Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tutorial: Sunny Sundress Variations

Yesterday, we learnt how to make a basic sunny sundress.

Fabulous Sunny Sundress
The 'classic' Bird-on-it version
Today, I'll demonstrate a couple of simple variations to give a different feel to the outfit. They're all achievable with about two minutes of your time, a little scrap of ribbon and a needle and thread. 

Firstly, why not stitch a bit of ribbon to the centre front to make a halterneck? The dress is still easily removable (pop your Makie's head!), and if you only secure it loosely, you can simply snip it off if you get bored with it. 

Fabulous Sunny Sundress
I didn't even sew this, just tucked it in. Cheaty photos are awesome!
How about converting to a sweetheart neckline? 

Fabulous Sunny Sundress
Yes yes. You're a sweetheart. 
All you need to do for this look is to pinch together the fabric at the mid-bust and take a couple of stitches to hold it in place. In the picture below, I've also added a wide-placed ribbon halterneck. This gives a 1950s 'wiggle dress' look.

Fabulous Sunny Sundress
Wiggle wiggle wiggle!
There are so many things you could do! Why not try adding straps, tiny buttons, little silk flowers or even a few sequins?

Looking forwards to seeing all your variations; link me to your photos!

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