Monday, 9 July 2012

Effortless Elegance

You don't need a whole host of draping, cutting and sewing skills to produce an elegant Makie Couture look; this design took all of five minutes to put together (and three of those were spent digging out the fabric).
Jersey Couture
Yes, we probably could have found a more classy posing location.

This slightly bustled  strapless evening gown features achingly trendy unfinished edges, classic lines and is quite literally a rectangle of jersey fabric, twisted at the back and held in place by two dressmaking pins. Not a single stitch was sewn.
Jersey Couture
Black and White makes everything look like a Vogue shoot.

This photo shoot definitely illustrates that I've been around too many weddings this weekend.
Jersey Couture
Oh, what? At least I'm not asking you to do all the cheesy poses.

Although it did mean I got to snaffle the plastic diamond-topped pins from the corsages, which are perfect for Makie up-dos. Similar to constructing the dress, I've found I get a really good hold on the wig just by twizzling the hair and pinning in place. If only mine were so well-behaved.
Jersey Couture
And twist and pin and done. 
So there you have it. Classyness and poise, all with a bit of fabric the size of a hanky and a couple of pins. Worth a go, yes?

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