Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Blythe Wednesday: Cosy Knits

Maybe I should do a thing with the Blythes on a Wednesday and call it Blythe Wednesday. Hrum. 
That's a bit like committing to this whole 'blog' thing (says she who is rapidly approaching 100 posts).

Aspen and Elin were fed up with wearing oversized Makie knits, so demanded some of their own.
Cosy Knits

Elin's cheerful yellow cardie is from Cannonbelle, who currently has a cute creamy version available, as well as a beautiful blue sweater that we're coveting. The dress is by me. Her shoes and the goldfish fabric are available from

Cosy Knits

The pink jumper and sweater combo is by Jane at On Blythe Street. As well as being skillfully knitted and sewn, both the skirt and jumper are reversible, the former being flippable to a pink polka dot design and the latter turning 180 to be a cardigan. There's a pale blue and cream set available in her shop that I'm persuading myself we don't need right now...

I'm not entirely sure that the black and grey stripy socks and skull and crossbones converse are entirely co-ordinating with the look, but I believe that is how Aspen has decided to roll.

Best thing as far as I'm concerned is that both of these shops are based in the UK. So I'm legitimately supporting the country's economy by buying fantastically finished Blythe goodies. Huzzah!

Yes yes, the photography is shocking. 
But you try shooting at 22:00 on a November night in the UK with a desk lamp and no flash and you let me know how you're getting on, yeah? Harrumph. 

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