Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sewing for Humans: Borogravian Army Costume

Aha! I knew the photographs would surface sooner or later.

Here's a little peek at my Borogravian costume for Miss Discworld.

Yes, I'm the one on the right... 
Stitches are, of course, optional.

So this number is put together from a combination of reproduction and modern patterns. The underpinnings are my Laughing Moon Victorian corset, chemise and bloomers, with a thrown-together petticoat of no particular pattern, with some 6mm plastic boning tucked into horsehair braid to hoop out the hem a little. 

See? Given the general theme, I'm relatively over-dressed... 
The skirt is (believe it or not) a Colette Ginger, lengthened to the floor. It could've done with being a little wider to go over all the underwear, but I think it worked well. This was actually skirt version 2; the first was a black velvet elastic waist number, but it really didn't work with the top when I put it on in the pub 15 minutes before going on stage. Thank goodness for contingency costumes! 

Particularly pleased with the bodice; this is my second time making this costume top and it's come out very well in both versions. The pattern is Truly Victorian's 1875 Ballgown Basque and is so ridiculously simple to make it's untrue. Because this is only for one-off stage wear, I left of the sleeves and omitted the lining, overlocking the edges. The front and lower edges are covered with black bias tape, and the top edge and sleeves with gold ribbon and sequins. I used more gold ribbon to make the front false frogs. It's held together (just) with hooks and eyes. 

Yes, the skirt has gone missing. It came back later.
Yes, I was beaten by a barbarian. 
The costume must've had some merits, because I was awarded 4th place and got a crown of flowers (which are sat on top of my hat in the above photo) and a certificate! Don't think it'll be going in my CV, mind you...

(Oooh, and here's what the hat looked like in 2010...

Costume recycling! A boon for the Igorina with a busy REALJOB.)

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