Sunday, 11 November 2012

Oh Em Gee Freebies!


We hit 10,000 views and we've hit 100 posts and I promised you a give-away, so here it is!
You Anorak
We'd have gone outside, but it was dark by the time I finished it... 
Yup, you get Melchett!
You Anorak
Artificial lighting provides a lovely artificial 'sunset' effect, no?
No. You don't get Melchett, but you do get the wonderful anorak that she's wearing.
You Anorak
Hood goes up, hood comes down.
This hooded number was made by my own fair hands and the modern marvel of sewing machine technoology. The outer shell is a glorious retro print waterproof fabric and it's got a snuggly quilting cotton lining. It's based on the MakieLab hoodie pattern.
You Anorak
Snuggly lining!
Because it's not made out of stretch fabric, the fit can be a little snug. Would not recommend wearing your thickest jumper under it, but it works fine with shirts and dresses.
You Anorak
Melchett's lovely back end.
It fits Blythe in a 'sort-of' fashion; obviously the hood doesn't fit. Elin rather likes it though.
Cultured Blythes go skiing. 
As I'm super over-excited, there will be 3 additional items up for grabs...
Oh yes, the mo-onna-sticks are looking to travel! Obviously one has to go to the anorak winner, but you could be the proud recipient of one of the other three.

To be in the running to win the anorak or your very own mo-onna-stick, all you've got to do is comment on this post before 23:59 GMT on Wednesday the 14th of November. Please try to leave a valid email address (or if you don't want to do that, leave at least some sort of name/nickname for me to pick out of the hat... no good if we're all Mr Anonymous!). Winners will be drawn out of a hat (possibly a bear hat) on Thursday by either my lovely boyfriend or one of my cats, whichever is closer. I'll happily post anywhere in the world.

Please bear in mind that I do this for fun and I'm not a professional seamstress. The item is probably one of the best things I've ever made, but it does have its flaws! Don't look too closely at the stitching and don't be surprised if the snaps fall off...


  1. Oh hai! I won't leave my email... 'cause you has it. And my address. And my phone number. That anorak is way too cute! :D

  2. well my email is and i love everything about this blog. Really cute stuff by the way

  3. Aw Duckie! You've rung all of Mushroom's bells with this gorgeous little number. How can I not enter! By the way, I'll be joining blog-land soon too :) (still setting up). My mail is sioux dot breen at gmail dot com.
    /thumbs up

  4. Cute Cute Cute- and congrats on the 10 grand!! You already have my email too so hope that's ok, Cheers Fil xx

  5. I just made a new digital Makie. She'd look great in this. Just saying.

  6. Oh this is so exciting!
    Duckie you have really outdone yourself on that anorak <3

    p.s. I'm KyoMiyavi from

  7. so very very very cute!! Fine fine work there. michellecstai here!

  8. wow! You've been a busy duckie!! The anorak is super fab!!!! Laura/liquiriziadolly

  9. Hi Duckie - what a fab anorak - Can you do one in human makie size ;-) My email is mamta at mertner dot com

    Speak soon. Love mamta xx