Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Update on Number 3

Number 3 Blythe, who you may remember from kitchen escapades a week or so ago, has been in the process of getting a makeover.

Pleased to announce that we're nearly there!
Number 3
The purple and copper chips are my favourites.
She still needs a date with a wet flannel and a hot iron to sort out her fringe.
Number 3
What you can't see is the butterfly clip holding the fringe in place :) 
But I'm reasonably pleased with the results.

Eyeshadow did not work out, so we're not having any at the moment, just starry lids.
Number 3
Stars! Yaaay!
The eye mech sticks *sigh* I think the grey chips stand too proud of the eye surface... and I did have to do a bit of a botch job on the arc. Unfortunately this was made of very cheap brittle plastic and went 'ping' when I disassembled her. They turn by hand just fine.
Number 3
Pull one to open the eyes... pull the other to... erm... well. Not do anything much in the way of changing... right now. Hrum. 
Still not sure on the gold chips. Hrum.
Number 3
They're not bad. Just a bit STARING. Dunno. Might grow on me? 

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