Saturday, 22 December 2012

Argh, not again...

One more, I find myself in a state of 'ill', with an associated side order of 'utterly craptastic'. Can't remember the last time I had wall-to-wall viralness for three months, but this winter seems to be taking the biscuit.

Because I've spent the last week just about making it to work, getting through the day and getting home to collapse in a heap, my Christmas plans for the girls are going completely out of the window. I've managed to cobble together one dress, which I'm considering an achievement (it looks brill on Plink), but I don't think everyone is going to get one. I'm actually a bit concerned about getting the house together ready for Christmas day and the inlaws coming over!

Just so's this post has a picture, here's my Guild Wars 2 character looking badass.

Guild Wars 2
She's the one on the left. 
Have a good weekend, everyone, and remember to keep that trolley rage under control!

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