Saturday, 8 December 2012

Winter Warming

When you're off out on a frosty walk, you need your warmest coat. Happily, our warmest coats are also our newest and smartest.
Glittery hairbands are FESTIVE
Aspen's coat is made in red cotton twill, finished with black velvet ribbon for the collar.
...where'd that Reindeer come from? 
The coat pattern is I think from a Dolly Dolly book, although I purchased it as a PDF from an unscrupulous Etsy seller who appears to have scanned it and is passing it off as their own. I've since reported them (although doubt that's going to make any difference).

Melchie's new coat
Melchett is modelling a herringbone wool version, which is made from the fabric that keeps on giving. I purchased 3m on evilBay and I've got a dress and two skirts for me, a cushion and now a Makie coat out of it, and there are still scraps left!
Melchie's new coat
Admire my beautiful back end
The back pleat gives an active Makie room for Mischief.
Melchie's new coat
This is what we technically call 'posing'
Melchie, stop faffing about.
Melchie's new coat
Taa daa

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  1. where do you get the shoes from? Also Is there a pattern for this coat or did you wing it?