Sunday, 2 December 2012


Yay, December!

Despite having attained the venerable age of Twenty-Mumblemumblemumble a month and a half ago, I still enjoy prepping for Christmas. This year, the Makies are determined to join in, so I find I've got a helping hand or two... or three... oh dear... and some tentacles... I guess I shall have to rely on the Blythe troupe to provide common sense.

In any case, whether your Christmas preference is for the traditional...
A very Makie Christmas
Better than a chocolate one, I reckon :)
...or the unbearably kitsch...
A very Makie Christmas
I call this the most epic reindeer ever.
The boyfriend calls it an Abomination Unto Nuggan.
...I hope you'll enjoy plodding along with us. You can look forwards to cooking, dressmaking, tree-trimming, a tutorial or three and a grand countdown to the new year. So keep watching this space!

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