Monday, 17 December 2012

Cooking with Plink: Christmas Cake Part 1

Hullo and welcome!

A few weeks ago, we make Christmas Cake. Here are the ingredients! 
Cooking with Plink
That's lots of mixed fruit soaked overnight in brandy, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, spices, citrus zest
We used Nigella's recipe from "How to be a Domestic Goddess"

You'll also need to be good friends with some of this...
Cooking with Plink
She didn't get any. 

Lining the tin is terribly important. 
Cooking with Plink
O hai!
See? And apparently I got the wrong idea about what creaming means.

Cooking with Plink
We beat the heck out of it!
I think you're allowed to make wishes when you're stirring Christmas cake... I didn't really have time for that, cause I was licking the loose mixture off of my fingers. Yum!
Cooking with Plink
There was mixture on the Makie, the floor, the ceiling... 
But I guess the one wish I had did come true... the human did all the cleaning up!
Cooking with Plink
And it took *ages*
We'll be marzipanning and icing the cake next weekend. Can't wait! 

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