Saturday, 29 December 2012

Cooking With Plink: Christmas Cake part 2


Look what I got for Christmas!

Har. No it's not an offensive weapon, it's for making tasty griddled treats, honest
Anyway. I thought you might like to see how the Christmas cake ended up. Given the human wasn't feeling so well, she wasn't able to photograph my progress, but I'm pleased to say this has been flawlessly covered in marzipan and the fluffiest royal icing which did NOT run down the sides in an alarming fashion in any way shape or form at all ever never oh noes.
Achievement unlocked: respectable looking Christmas cake :)
Aww, cute little snowfamily
The snowmen were Melchie's idea, we used ready-to-roll icing and leftover black writing icing from Halloween  The tiny buttons and the hats and the scarf and from bits of rubbish the human left lying around.

I'm going to go into business next year. Can't wait to tell the human...

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