Thursday, 27 December 2012

Introducing Alexa

The family is continuing to grow... not through any fault of mine, I should add!
This is Alexa. She's a Nicky Lad, and was entirely selected and purchased by the Bloke as a Christmas present without ANY prompting from me*.
Top: "On Blythe Street". Skirt: Homemade.
Glasses and boots: Stock. Socks:
Apparently he chose her as she's the one that he'd buy if he was 'buying a doll for himself'.
Don't get excited, it's a computer desktop background!
He likes her glasses and boots. This is good, because I rather like them too :)

*I am generally entirely unhelpful when it comes to Christmas present suggestions. "What do you want for Christmas/your birthday?" is a question that invariably gets a silly answer.

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