Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hullo, welcome and a tutorial!

Every time I start blogging, it ends in a heap with me saying I'm never going to do it again, I don't have the time, I don't have the... the... 'bothered'. My blogger dashboard is like a graveyard of failed diary keeping as one project gets binned, then another doesn't work out, and eventually I either stop doing whatever it is that I was blogging about in the first place, or I keep doing it but stop telling the world about it.

Then I get excited about something else and LO, there is a new blog. I'm too bloody predictable.

Photo by Makie Labs

Anyway. This time, it's Makies. Makies are a new type of totally customisable action doll, designed to be as individual as their creators. Of course, as someone who about three weeks ago came perilously near to parting with a large chunk of cash for another small-scale fashion model, I had to get my hands on one of the alpha releases... and then I had to start sewing a wardrobe for the poor girl (called Plink and perhaps bearing a slight resemblance to my good self in a poor light if you squint your eyes up and turn your head sideways) before she even arrives!

Although most of the wardrobe pieces I've assembled so far are going to need fit-checking once she gets here, I've managed to create a cute little messenger bag that I think is going to suit her down to the ground, assuming I've got the scale more or less right and that the strap goes over her head. It's a great use for scraps that are lying around from other projects and can be made with or without the aid of a safety net sewing machine.

Go forth and ELEBAG

If I've got my blogger voodoo right, the full tutorial should MAGICALLY APPEAR around lunchtime tomorrow... perfect to plan to pop into a craft store on the way home and gather the supplies* to make your own bag :)

In the meantime, go forth and design some more Makies! 

*You will need a scrap of fabric around 6 by 4 inches (ish), approx 10 inches of ribbon or twill tape, scissors and a needle and thread. Tiny buttons are optional but ADORABLE; find them in the scrapbooking or cardmaking section. 

Makie Couture is not affiliated with Makie Lab or any of their employees. I just think what they're doing is really cool.

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