Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shoes and coffee...

...two things that make girls tick*, and it would appear that Makies are no different. Prof Plink has spent her Saturday morning trying on new shoes, fresh off of the plane from Hong Kong and stopping for a tasty caffeine-laden beverage.

Coffee and Shopping
Pink DMs and black converse! Woo!

Coffee and Shopping
Mmm coffee... yes, that is a tiny creamer and a tiny tiny packet of sugar. Whee!

I'm impressed with the Re-ment miniatures sets. Mine came from Amazon, ordered last week and arrived from Hong Kong today (surprisingly speedy, all things considered). They're a good scale for Makies and the detail is superb. The only slight snag is that they're sold blind-boxed, so you don't know what kit you're going to end up with (this is why I now have a washing-up set sat downstairs), but there are plenty of open sets available on the bay of E for your delight and perusal.

Not entirely sure what happens if you mix Makies with caffeine. Shall be finding out shortly, no doubt.

*yes, this girl too.

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