Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

This morning, my quiet 'lie in bed and catch up with twitter before I get up' time was interrupted by what only can be described as a kerfuffle from downstairs. There were bangs. There was the odd clang. There were sounds of a distressed cat or two.

When I descended, this is what I found cowering in the windowsill. 
This is Pirate. He is not happy.
And this is what I found bouncing around my sewing kit on the dining room table. 
Oh ye gods. Where did she get that from? 
Yeah. I've got no idea either. Apparently, this is 'Superplink', and Superplink doesn't have to do things like listen to her human. Apparently, Superplink does things like stand on precipices and moodily survey her surroundings. 
Superplink moodily surveys the vegetable beds.
She likes to pose, hands on hips.
Superplink moodily surveys the decking. 
Then she likes to zoom off. Noisily. 
Ta-da-da-daaaaa! SUPERPLINK!
She's also fond of supervising blog posts.
No... there's a comma there. Not there, that's a semicolon. Type faster, dammit.
was thinking of getting a second Makie. Now I think one might be quite enough.
Oi! Gerroff! That is most definitely MY wine! Oi! 

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