Sunday, 10 June 2012

An Embuggerance

Having received the Makie, the next step was to check the fit of all the items that I've spent the last week or so drafting and making up in preparation. The messenger bags are fab, as are the skirt and the glitzy sequinned waistcoat (yet to be shown). The blouse needed a little more work, as in it was a little big across the back and not quite big enough across the front, so that was where I started.

Once the pattern was adjusted, it was time to cut it out...

Pattern bits.
Place those bits, yo.

And eventually, to check the fit on Plink... 

Trying on
Yes, you can help... no... put those scissors away, young lady. Please? 

Unfortunately, shortly after taking this photo, I was topstitich the front when the machine gobbled up some of the fabric and there was an ominous CLUNK. Having extracted the blouse from the machine, I surveyed the blouse and decided that the damage wasn't too bad, so hand sewed in the sleeves. 

On trying to sew the collar, there was an even more ominous... nay... a BODING volley of CLUNKing from the machine, and a refusal to do anything like, you know, sew. 

Having disassembled as much as I dare, I can share the news that the timing on my 2 month old, £300+ machine appears to be completely FUBAR'd, as does the computerised mechanism to move the needle. And I've just given my £99, 5 year old machine to my sister. 

Definitely an embuggerance.

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