Saturday, 9 June 2012

Unboxing the Makie

After the relative trauma of receiving the Makie, the next hour in her company was one of deep joy, attempting to take photos in the rain and dark and failing miserably. But hey! The blog needs feeding, so here we go...

Makies arrive in a very chic cardboard tube travelling case. These things are robust! The outer bag of the package looked like it had been thrown around a depot a couple of times but the tube didn't have a dent on it.


Once you open your tube, you extract your Makie, who is attached to a sort of spinal board affair* by grosgrain ribbon. Mine was a sunny yellow colour. The Makie is in the nuddy (le gasp!), but modesty is preserved on extraction by the careful positioning of your chosen outfit, beautifully packaged. 

Spinal board?
Modesty preserved, wig sliding...

Also tucked into the Makie's tube-capsule is a guide to Makie care and maintenance, and your new-found friend's birth creation certificate. Mine has a pleasing 'divisible by 5 theme'. I'm a bit OCD like that.

25/05 65/100 :)
25/05 65/100. if it divides by 5 I'm a happy bunny.

Of course, the next step was to detach Plink from her board and let her try on some of my home-made Makie creations... the photos of which I've already posted. 

First thoughts? 

She feels so delicate, but I'm reassured after a day or so of forcing her through multiple contortions that she's not a lady to snap easily. Removing the hands and feet is easy, although I'm a little concerned that the joints will wear with repetitive removal. Things that do need repeated moving are the hip joints, which are very tight on Plink. I'm guessing these'll loosen up with a bit of use, but it's very difficult to pose her in a sitting position unless the thing she's sitting on is at exactly the right height and has a compensatory degree of head-tilt; I think the pelvis comes down slightly too low preventing the formation of a 90 degree angle with the lower limbs and that's causing the problems here.

Balancing her standing up is relatively easy, it's all in getting the ankle joint positioned. Pleased to say she stood on the dining table all night without falling over, despite probable attention from curious cats. The upper limbs are easy to pose. 

Most annoying thing? Keeping the wig attached to the head! The skull has a couple of bits of sticky goo attached to them, but they quickly got covered in fluff and became less effective. I seem to have the knack of it now though, today's haircut (a much needed fringe-trim) went off without a hitch! 

Yay, non-wonky fringe! Happily Makies don't wriggle.
Oh look! A custom silk/cotton jersey mix shirt?! How fab... 

Makie overall is excellent. I've not photographed the clothing here, but I'm really impressed (and wondering how in the hell they do it) with the jeans, lab coat and shirt I received as my costume; not an unfinished seam in sight. The face is flawless, the head opens really easily and the wig is of a good quality and easy to style. 

Have you unboxed your Makie yet? Drop a comment... or better yet, link to some photos! 

*Spending at least 80% of my time working in an environment where exposure to spinal boards is a daily possibility, I can happily say that they look far more comfortable and chic than the real thing.

Makie Couture is not affiliated with Makie Labs in any way, shape or form. I just think what they do is really cool. 

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